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Kizuna Child-Parent Reunion, Kizuna CPR, is working toward restoring the human rights of children in Japan, so every child can once again enjoy relationships with both parents.

Video - The Issue

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The purposes of Kizuna CPR shall be to promote the protection of the human rights of children, in a manner such that their good relationships with both parents are not severed by introducing, disseminating and awareness-raising regarding surveys, research, lecture events and materials from advanced countries regarding the best interests of children, and by collaborating with citizens, government and businesses.

Our Mission

Kizuna CPR shall engage in the following types of specified nonprofit activities.


1. Activities to promote the sound development of children

2. Activities to safeguard human rights and promote peace

3. Activities to promote the formation of a gender-neutral society

4. Activities of international cooperation

5. Activities to promote social education

6. Activities to operate an organization to conduct the activities listed above, and to contact, advise or assist in connection with such activities.

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