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Year in Review - 2013

This is the first year in review of Kizuna Child-Parent Reunion. Highlights of the year included passage of legislation in the National Diet for Japan to join the Hague Convention. This included many sessions of public debate. There was also passage of HR 3212 in the US House of Representatives.Kizuna CPR was active in several awareness-raising events and public speaking events that were documented in news articles and media stories, while we shared these with our friends and supporters on social media. New relations with government officials of several countries were forged and existing relations progressed. Several reunions between children and parents were facilitated and observed by our efforts. We expect that in 2014 there will be many happy child-parent reunions and the prevention of future cases.



















                       Kizuna CPR awareness raising event Sept 7                                                                    Kizuna CPR awareness raising event Nov 23

                                      with Kimidori Ribbon                                                                                                                with Kimidori Ribbon


January 2013

4 - Japan Times article by Masami Ito "Child Custody Injustices Hard to Fix"

14 - raising awareness on Coming of Age Day

16 - attended Hague MoFA symposium


February 2013

official legal incorporation approved

12 - mailed letter to US Secretary of State John Kerry

28 response from US Department of State


March 2013

7 - spoke with US Ambassador Roos


April 2013

19 - attended National Diet testimony of Mr. Yasuyuki Watanabe and Dr. Takao Tanase in House Judicial Affairs committee

23 - Japanese House of Representatives passes legislation to join Hague Convention


May 2013

16 - attended FCCJ event with Councilor Yuichi Mayama, Dr. Takao Tanase, and Masako Akeo

19 - Daily Beast Article by Nathalie Stucky & Jake Adelstein "Japan's Child Kidnapping Problem"

20 - attended symposium of retired CA family court judge Leonard Edwards

22 - Japanese House of Councilors passes legislation to join Hague Convention

22 - ABC Australia Internet Radio Interview

25 - Kyodo/Japan Times article "Care Urged for Split Families when Japan Joins Hague Pact"


June 2013

5 - attended FCCJ screening of FTS

8 - screened FTS in Ginza 8 chome

12 - Japanese House of Councilors passes legislation to join Hague Convention

18 - Joined ACCJ – orientation event


July 2013

1 - met Ambassador Roos farewell luncheon

started Twitter account

Indiegogo fundraising campaign July - September

29 - presented to Mita no Ie


August 2013

8 - article in Japan Subculture Research by Natalie Stucky

"As Japan moves toward recognizing joint custody, a father nourishes hope for reunion..."

17 - publication of Vancouver Sun article by Daphne Brabham


Aug 16 attended opening ceremony, Aug 17 dinner reception, and Aug 24 closing ceremony


September 2013

7 - Sakuragicho awareness raising event with Kimidori Ribbon

21 - attended ACCJ walkathon

21 - attended college expo in Akihabara

28 - TEDxYouth workshop


October 2013

15 - new logo created


November 2013

Stolen. Concert series:

Nov 2 Black Sheep, Nov 9 Reno's Bistro, Nov 22 Crawfish, Concert for Kids, Nov 30 Reno's Bistro

14 - met Mr. Nishioka government official administering Hague Convention in Japan

17 - TEDxYouth talk

23 - Jiyugaoka awareness raising event with Kimidori Ribbon

27 - ACCJ Welcome Luncheon for Ambassador Kennedy

30 - Charity Ball spoke with Caroline Kennedy


December 2013

7 - TEDxMarunouchiWomen talk

8 - met Dutch Ambassador van Vollenhoven

11 - HR 3212 House of Representatives vote 398 - 0

22 - Sakuragicho awareness raising event with Kimidori Ribbon

Consultation and Advice in cases

Helped an American, two Australian, and a Canadian parent locate their children. In two cases, the visitation effort was successful, and the responses of the children were very positive.

Advised dozens of parents including Americans, Australians, Canadians, Germans, Philipinos, Spanish and Japanese about the abduction issue.



Kizuna Child-Parent Reunion would like to acknowldge the efforts of many interested stakeholders too numerous to list here, both organizations and individuals, from around the world that contributed to the achievement of these accomplishments in 2013.


At times it may seem this is a long journey, but it is made easier by everyone helping the collective effort toward systemic change every step of the way. When we work together, then we can solve what seem to be insurmountable problems that no one individual can solve alone. When we help others, then everyone benefits. We are extremely grateful for your assistance and support in these endeavors in which we all share and look forward to working together in 2014.


Our continuing efforts and successes can only be ensured by your kind financial donations that help provide crucial resources for programs, events and services. 


Please donate.

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