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2018 - Year in Review


January & February


Italian, French, and German articles: Linkiesta Jan 28, Liberation Jan 29, Der Spiegel Feb 3



March 15 – Japan Supreme Court ruling on US Hague/Japan Habeas Corpus case from Nagoya High Court,

and remanded to Nagoya High Court, undue influence, retention of child clearly illegal


March 15 – Japan Times article

Supreme Court breaks new ground, ruling in favor of U.S.-based Japanese father in international custody battle


March 30 – EU demarche letter served to Minister of Justice Kamikawa, became public



April 11 – Congressman Chris Smith hearing, James Cook testifies


April 11 – USA Today article


April 24 – US Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on IPCA


April 26 – G7 Kidnapped to Japan Reunification Project

International Alliance Partners G7 letter published, written in six languages EN, FR, DE, IT, ES, and JA

#G7KidnappedToJapan #KidnappedToJapan


April 27 – Minister of Justice Kamikawa response to EU letter of March


May 7 – Orizzontinternazionali article

May 15 – Paris Seminar and recording teaching how to abduct and get non-return order


May 16 – US Goldman Act Compliance report, Japan cited as non-compliant


May 18 – U.S. cites Japan for noncompliance with Hague treaty on cross-border parental child abductions



June 26 – Minister of Justice Kamikawa gives press conference announcing initiative of reforming enforcement procedure (prompted by Goldman Act non-compliance)



July 15 – Minister of Justice Kamikawa talks about joint custody, front page Yomiuri Shimbun print edition


July 17 – Nagoya High Court case, parent and child flee after return order





September 11 – US Goldman Act Action report,

Japan demarches listed and expectation of progress on timeline with possible consideration of further tools



October 20 & 21 – CGP 2018 Seminar on Supervised Visitation


October 23 – AFP article, widely run on many newspapers around the world, websites in several languages



Japan Diet questioning by Seiichi Kushida about visitation, joint custody, enforcement procedure

2018年11月16日 衆議院法務委員会 子の拉致実効支配の継続性に対する虚偽答弁



December 10 – Congressional Hearing Representative Chris Smith Chair

Jeffery Morehouse testifies

December 20 – FCCJ press conference Ueno, Odagiri, Perina, Fichot

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