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Year in Review - 2015


March 15

2nd Annual Kizuna Child-Parent Reunion Fundraiser!gala-networking-fundraiser/c1o3o

March 20

Joint embassy meeting called by Kizuna Child-Parent Reunion

Hosted by Canada with US and Spain in attendance

March 25

"Japan Breathtakingly unresponsive"

April 2
One year anniversary articles on Hague


April 18

May 28
MPP talk on the issue

June 11


June 16
Article by Congressman Chris Smith

July 9

Paul Toland Press Conference


July 16


July 26

Kimidori Ribbon & Kizuna CPR Ueno Koen raising awareness

August 12

Washington Post editorial


August 13

Jiji News report of Washington Post op-ed

August 22
Oyako net meeting
Representative Hase and Mayor Izumi talk


September 8

Paul Brown on ABC Australia TV

October 26

Paul Toland Press Conference

October 27
Karen Christensen statement in Japanese and English press

November 18
Press Statement by Secretary Kerry


November 19


December 3
Court in Hamamatsu ordered return of boy to Europe

December 12
Nikkei Shimbun articles

Kizuna CPR Facebook image of articles


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