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Matsunami, Kenta asks questions in Diet about Hague Convention and Goldman Act April 17, 2017

Representative Kenta Matsunami resumes questioning in Diet about Hague Convention, Goldman Act, civil code article 766 and sanctions.

He refers to hearing in Washington on April 6.

He refers to a Sankei newspaper front page article about the Hague  Convention the day before and a critique article of the Hague implementation in Japan on page 2. English translation of articles here.

James Cook and his Hague case are mentioned as he had testified for the second time in Washington at the hearing on April 6.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Kishida and Minister of Justice Kaneda are questioned in the presence of Prime Minister Abe and Deputy Prime Minister Aso.

At the end, Mr. Matsunami states that Vice President Pence will visit Japan the next day and talk with his counterpart Mr. Aso.

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